DSP DOHA is a leading supplier of architectural metal and glass works in The Middle East.

The Head of Marketing at DSP DOHA approached Salt because its existing website was outdated, went offline frequently and was simply an online brochure. It had no SEO or CRO and the DSP team wanted to establish a solid digital platform that could grow alongside the company.

DSP DOHA plans to expand globally and so this was also a key consideration in the restructure and redesign planning. The company also wanted to retain a strong focus on the fact that it is at the forefront of technological advancements within its industry.


The Salt Studio team kicked off by conducting an SEO Audit alongside a Content Audit of the former DSP website. With this key information as the focus, we conducted research on DSP DOHA's global competitors and industry to identify any areas where the company could gain a competitive advantage and to ensure standout positioning.

The website build took several months, primarily due to the fact that the client has such an impressive portfolio of projects and this took time to compile and showcase.

Salt Studio put a paired back version of the website live to coincide with an exhibition in Miami in December 2021 but we are working on a phase 2 update that incorporates News & Insights and also a refreshed logo amongst other design updates. 

The DSP DOHA team is delighted with its new online presence – they are receiving relevant enquiries for the first time and are able to easily now update and add projects and team members within the Webflow CMS.

DSP DOHA also required a comprehensive deluxe brochure to be created alongside the website to showcase its impressive portfolio. The Salt Studio team designed a consistently branded 142-page brochure that the company is distributing both as a printed version and as an ebook. The Salt team is also in the process of working on additional corporate collateral including business cards.

client clutch review

"Salt Studio communicated effectively, had excellent taste in design and delivered the project quickly. The Salt team held weekly meetings but were always available in Slack whenever we needed to reach out to them."

Rana Amirzehni, Procurement Manager, DSP DOHA