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Salt Studio is made up of a network of highly talented specialists. When a project has been assessed, the required team is chosen based on the precise relevance of their skill sets. 

This approach enables the most effective team of experts to work together to provide outstanding solutions. This primarily happens virtually – with online and in-person meetings scheduled whenever required – in order to keep overheads low.

Salt Studio was set up to bridge the gap between specialist high-cost agencies and budget services that deliver bland and poorly designed sites with no SEO.

Salt Studio only provides researched high-quality stylish solutions that are set up to enable the company to grow its online presence and succeed within its sector.


Laura spent a decade working in B2B and B2C magazine publishing before deciding to focus on digital in a series of positions as a Creative Director over the past nine years.

She was trained to hone her perfectionist tendencies early in her publishing career and Salt Studio has been set up to continue to consistently deliver these high standards.

Laura works with a curated selection of specialist designers, photographers, copywriters, developers and marketing and PR executives whenever required – pulling in the most appropriate talent for specific tasks.

It has been a pleasure working with Salt Studio to rethink our branding and online business. The new website has been received extremely well by both our clients and candidates and the statistics reflect this – users, page views and session lengths are all dramatically improved.
Laura brings an unusual mix of being commercially minded, creative and yet also a concise and strong copywriter to the table. She also invested a lot of time in making sure our SEO was spot on for relaunch, which is reflected in the great analytics results we are seeing.

HELEN WARD —  CEO, The Music Market / Arts & Media

Laura is a versatile creative director able to take on all aspects of  branding and marketing. Laura updated our outward facing identity including a new website, business cards, graphics and print templates, introducing a consistent visual and written style.
She managed the editing and  design of external content (white  papers and commentary) and drove an agenda of regular high-value output, optimised for SEO. She also drove external partner relationships with vendors, social media and publishers to increase our external presence. She had a really positive, upbeat approach and it was a pleasure to work with her.

Jason McIntosh — Director of Consulting, Riskcare

Laura came very well recommended and on meeting with her and seeing her work on a supplier's website I decided to immediately instruct her to build Signature Property’s new website.
She was exceptionally easy to work with, highly attentive and the client  reviews we have received since have more than met our expectations.  
I would have no hesitation in further recommending Laura  
and her team.

Trevor Hess  —  Director, Signature Property

Laura is an incredibly talented copywriter with a background in publishing. As a result, she has an excellent eye and is finely tuned to every aspect of what your brand has to say and how it says it.  
Aside from that, she is an incredibly lovely person to work with and although the idea of building and maintaining a web site filled me with dread and gave me sleepless nights, the whole experience has been quite enjoyable and I am extremely pleased with the end result.

Jon Ward  —  Director, Marylebone Interiors


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