The International Dairy Federation (IDF/FIL) is the leading source of scientific and technical expertise for all stakeholders within the dairy chain. Since 1903, the IDF has provided a mechanism for the dairy sector to reach global consensus on how to help feed the world with safe and sustainable dairy products.

The IDF required a brand lift and new online design identity. Its existing logo and a basic style guide of colours and fonts were to be retained, but The IDF's Communications Team wanted an entirely new striking, friendly and instantly recognisable online brand and intuitive online presence.

The Salt Studio team was also commissioned to redesign and rebuild the IDF's Intranet from scratch.


The new site was built in WordPress with Elementor in order to give the IDF Communications team the in-house capabilities to edit content, easily add a wide selection of pre-designed blocks to pages and to create new pages from the new design elements.

A complete structural rethink was also required to combine the organisation’s previously separate e-shop and main website. The existing website structure was confusing and difficult to navigate and its thought leadership content was not easily accessible.

Through colour-coding and the use of icons, content was categorised into the relevant Pillars and Working Areas to establish clear user journeys and improve conversion rates. This has made it straightforward for the defined user personas to find relevant content quickly alongside being presented with related relevant publications.  

By pulling through related news, events and publications via Elementor blocks, key personas are led on specific journeys and are encouraged to complete a call to action.  

The Salt Studio team also worked with the IDF Communications team on SEO, CRO, copy and consistently branded collateral.

In addition to the main website, the Salt Studio team redesigned and rebuilt the IDF Intranet, which is used by IDF members to access and share technical reports.

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