Fabergé required an art journal iPad app to create a digital version of its art journal Mir Fabergé.

Mir Fabergé was created to bring together artists from a variety of creative disciplines: photographers, directors, film makers, actors, dancers, artists, illustrators, composers, writers, costume designers and Fabergé experts. The previously unknown stories explore Fabergé’s artistic history at the turn of the 20th Century.    


Mir Fabergé consisted of six stories created by celebrated artists about Fabergé's incredible history – from a photoshoot of ballet dancers in a St Petersburg palace telling the story of a legendary dancer  to a short film that tells an early 1900s love story.

The app required a wide range of media to work together seamlessly combining video, interactive animation, photo galleries and audio voiceovers to effectively communicate the engaging stories. This involved both complex coding and memory management. The team worked alongside Fabergé’s Creative Director to create the app.

Mir Fabergé was launched at a private party held by Fabergé at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition.

Mir Fabergé was flagged by Apple as a New & Noteworthy iPad app.

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